We are proud to announce that as of April 2012 we have opened up Vita Nuda's Mid-Atlantic group!


VNMA includes Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, DC, and Southern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 


If you are interested in joining us, please send an email to SandShellVNMA@gmail.com or request to join our Facebook group by adding us here and requesting to join our group. 

Coming Events:

Labor Day Weekend Fun in the Sun! 

Join Vita Nuda Northeast and Vita Nuda Mid-Atlantic at Lighthouse Beach in New York City! The event will officially start on Saturday, however there will be an optional overnight stay Friday in Rockville for attendees coming from the south.

Lighthouse beach is one of the best nude beaches on the east coast and we have an awesome camping spot fifteen minutes away from the water where we can be naked and dance around a fire pit.

We are still working out the event schedule but want you to mark your calendars now. The weekend will be broken down into three easy to understand price points: event space access, camping, and camping with food. For people from the Mid-Atlantic region we will be bringing the bus with two pick-up points, one at Union Station in Washington DC and another in Baltimore. If there is a demand we can also add one to Philadelphia. The cost for the event and transportation will be kept to a minimum and will be figured out shortly.

Past Events:

In early May, we got together and watched the movie Act Naturally after a dinner party at the organizers home. 

Event number two was a carpool down to FYN and Aqua Sun's 5k run and camping event. 

Naked Escape at Whitetail Resort in Ivor, VA was a great success with great carnival games, tons of time in the pool and singing around the campfire! 


Please feel free to contact us with any comments, questions or ideas!